NY-Style Crumb Cake

January here in Colorado is like April in Minnesota, without the moisture. The sun has finally started to set after 5pm and the days are warm, but brief. In short, I love this style of winter.This crumb cake is loaded with butter and sugar, an antidote to shorter days. Make a pan of this and … Continue reading NY-Style Crumb Cake

BEST Crispy Treats EVAR

Sometimes (who am I kidding, most times) you feel the need to go EXTRA. Crispy treats are a delicious indulgence, made with either plain crispy rice cereal or if you want to fancy them up, rice chex, special k, etc. Made plain or with chocolate and peanut butter, they are just damn delicious. BUT -- … Continue reading BEST Crispy Treats EVAR

World’s Best Nut Brittle

Happy Almost 420, y'all!!  I'm celebrating with medicated CANDY. Before you pooh-pooh this because of your bad experiences with shitty peanut brittle, you need to read on. Giddyup! High-Altitude modifications follow main recipe Yield:  one pound of nut brittle Dosage:  6mg THC per ounce of brittle, 96mg THC per batch Time:  About 30 minutes Equipment: … Continue reading World’s Best Nut Brittle

Coffee Cake-lets

This is one of my favorite coffee cake recipes, as it's super versatile and comes together in a snap.  Today's butter features Starmatter 303 shatter.  Delicious. High Altitude modifications follow main recipe.   Buttermilk Coffee Cake Yield:  One 8x8 pan (9 servings) or one dozen cake-lets/muffins Dosage: 16mg per 8x8 serving, 12mg per cake-let/muffin Time: … Continue reading Coffee Cake-lets

Updated Biscuit Recipe and Shatter Butter

It's been a minute, as the kids say these days. In the last four months, I have quit a job, sold our house, started a new job and moved across the country.  In other words, I have been BUSY. We are now located in Colorado, which means I can GO TO THE STORE AND BUY … Continue reading Updated Biscuit Recipe and Shatter Butter


You know what is a great way to medicate during the day?  Peanut Butter Cookies.  That's what. After a bit of tweaking, I can call this Best PB Cookies Ever.  My testers are in 100% agreement on this fact as well. Yield:  39 cookies, using a #30 scoop Dosage:  approx 7mg THC per cookie Time:  … Continue reading PB LUV

Strawberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins with Crumb Cake Topping

Finding an abandoned bag of frozen strawberries in the bottom of the freezer inspired me to make Strawberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake Streusel Muffins.  My Sour Cream Coffee Cake recipe is super versatile and can be made with any fruit.  Some of my faves are Blueberry Lemon, Blackberry Orange, Date Pecan and Cream Cheese Cherry … Continue reading Strawberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins with Crumb Cake Topping

Happy One Year, Little Cookbook!

Well, it's been out for a year and still tickin' along on Amazon!  Go little cookbook, go! I'm fully in the swing of updating and expanding, so keep your eyes peeled for V2.0, hopefully by the end of July 2019.  I am also in full search mode for a Literary Agent -- who do you … Continue reading Happy One Year, Little Cookbook!

Pâte de Fruits (Fruit Geleé Candies)

  Pâte de Fruits (pronounced paht day fwee) are a classic French confection.  If you've ever had those Orange Slice candies, you've had Pâte de Fruits.  Granted, those Orange Slice things were hit & miss as a kid -- sometimes you got a batch of tough ones and they were hard to choke down.  I … Continue reading Pâte de Fruits (Fruit Geleé Candies)